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Iím restricting my CFI work to pilots who have their airplanes insured with a company that will give me a waiver of subrogation.

Most pilots insure their airplanes for hull and liability.  If anything goes wrong they will make it right with the aircraft owner.  But there is usually a clause that says they have the right to bill the CFI for what they paid the aircraft owner if they feel the CFI could have or should have averted the damage - after all, that's why the CFI is in the airplane.  It's called subrogation.  Usually the insurance company will offer a waiver of subrogation on a by-name basis for a CFI -- but only if requested.  

Yes, I could purchase CFI insurance but it is far too expensive for the amount of CFI work I want to accomplish.  

If you have any questions about this new policy, please give me a call or write an email to fps@44rf.com

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