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ASF Airspace Chart for Weather Minimums, Entry, Equipment & Pilot Requirements (.pdf)

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Military Training Routes Chart (click "MTR")

PDF of the below "Airspace Refresher" information

Class A
Where? 18,000 MSL to 60,000 MSL
Who? IFR flights ONLY
Clearance? Yes
Chart Depiction None
References: 14 CFR 91.135; AIM 3-2-2

Class B 
Where? Big Busy Airports 
Who? IFR & VFR
Clearance? Yes -explicit clearance
Chart Depiction Solid blue lines
References: 14 CFR 91.131; AIM 3-2-3

Class C
Where? Crowded City Airports
Who? IFR & VFR
Clearance? Two-way dialogue
                  ATC must answer with call sign
Chart Depiction Solid magenta lines
Class D
Where? "Dwarf" Citiies
Who? VFR & IFR
Clearance? Two-way dialogue
Chart Depiction Dashed Blue Line
References: 14 CFR 91.129; AIM 3-2-5
Class E
Where? Elsewhere (not A-D)
Who? Everyone
Clearance? No
Chart Depiction Fading Magenta or Blue
References: AIM 3-2-6
Class G
Where? Not A-E -Go for it
Who? G-rated --all audiences
Clearance? None - no ATC Control
Chart Depiction Faded Blue
References: AIM 3-3
Special Use Airspace
Prohibited - AIM 3-4-2
Restricted - IM 3-4-3
Warning Area - 3-4-4
MOA - AIM 3-4-5
Alert Area - AIM 3-4-6
Military Training Routes - IM 3-5-2
References: 14 CFR 91.133, 91.137, 91.141, 91.143, 91.145; AIM3-4
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