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Get proficient and stay proficient. Stay safe and feel more stress-free while flying.  Professional pilots who fly every day still get dual about every 6 to 12 months. Most GA pilots don't fly every day and some not even every month - and they only get dual every 24 months via a flight review. What's wrong with this picture? Most GA pilots are not as proficient as they could or should be.

You can fix that through the FAA WINGS program for GA pilots. The intent of the WINGS program is to keep pilots current, sharp and proficient - similar to professional pilots. This can't be done with one dual flight every 24 months. It is not a simple "Award" program but is instead a true proficiency program, designed to help improve our skills and knowledge as pilots

After completing a WINGS "phase", pilots get credit for the equivalency of a Flight Review. Each "phase" requires 3 on-line ground training credits and 3 flight credits using different training maneuvers. All of these credits must be done within a 1-year time table to receive WINGS credit and a flight review equivalent certificate.

I did flight reviews through the WINGS program for years, but almost all pilots wait until the review is due then expect to do all 3 flight credits in one sortie - which can be done, but it defeats the purpose of the WINGS program.  The fix is to fly with a CFI about every 120 days and do one flight credit.  Three credits must be accomplished within a 1-year time period for flight review credit. 

  • Sortie time is up to you as long as it satisfies the WINGS credit requirements.
  • You could cover much more than just the WINGS requirements on these flights. For instance, practicing anything you want and/or practicing for the next WINGS sortie.

Your CFI will verify your FAASTeam WINGS Program accomplishments and that will qualify for your flight review.  The Wings Program has been simplified considerably from the previous Wings Program and is an excellent method for accomplishing Flight Reviews.

These links provide more information on the WINGS program:

The short version is:

  • You sign up for the FAASTeam Wings Program
  • You accomplish three on-line courses.
  • You note the flight items the Wings Program assigns you and demonstrate these to a CFI to PTS standards. 
  • Additionally, the CFI Reviews:

    • The current general operating and flight rules of 14 CFR part 91 with you, and

    • Reviews the pilot's operating and planning habits, local area flying practices, and cross country planning techniques and best practices
  • The CFI signs off your Wings program and that covers your Flight Review.

Why use the Wings Program for your Flight Review?

  • Have you ever wanted to go fly, but wondered where to go, or what to practice?  The Wings Program will provide you a list of challenges to work on during the 2-year period -- that's much more fun than a $200 hamburger.
  • The goal is to stay sharp -- not get sharp once every two years.
  • It's not the goal, but you "could" demonstrate all the required maneuvers in one flight if your time is running short.
  • You don't have to pay for ground school time with a CFI because you do the ground school over the internet.
  • You know what to expect during the dual.
  • It's not just a square filler, it is a method to have fun, learn, stay safe and stay sharp.
  • The CFI has a specific plan on what you will demonstrate.

CFI Information about Flight Reviews

Article on the Wings Program from the FAA Safety Briefing Magazine, Mar/Apr 2013

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