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  Plan to close your VFR flight plan when you open it

When you open a flight plan - make a plan, right then and there, for how you will remember to close it. The key is to associate closing the flight plan to something you are sure to do or see immediately after the flight. Here are some suggestions:

When you file " Place a sticky note reminder on the aircraft clipboard " Add a reminder to the "shut-down" checklist; then don't put the checklist away, in its normal spot, until the flight plan is closed " Leave yourself a reminder message on your cell phone " Put your watch on the other arm " Put a plastic "awareness" bracelet on when you file and then only take it off when you close your flight plan Pick a method that works best for you and then use it every time so it becomes a habit.

As a backup, add your cell phone number to the flight plan. If your reminder fails you for some reason, FSS will be able to find you quickly and inexpensively.


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