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EAA Chapter 100 Flight Advisor notes on icing

Icing Prediction website by NOAA

Icing Courses Online by AOPA ASF (search for "icing")

Icing Courses Online by FAA  (search for "icing")  Inflight Icing -- Course Notes (FAAST) 

Advisory Circular (AC) 91-74, Pilot Guide, Flight in Icing Conditions
  • Page 46 for Icing Considerations for the Phases of Flight
  • Page 69 for checklist

Advisory Circular (AC) 91-51A Effect of Icing on Aircraft Control and Deice.....

Structural Icing -- AFSS paper 

Aircraft Icing -- AOPA Safety Advisory

Deice Boot Operation -- FAA

GA Notes on Icing (FAA Small Airplane Directorate)

Ice Belongs in Drinks article (FAA Aviation News Magazine)

On Thin Ice article (FAA Aviation News Magazine)

Tailplane Icing Video

·         AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s Safety Brief SB02-12/06 “Cold Facts: Wing Contamination” provides excellent advice on how to clean contamination off your airplane.  This publication is available at:

·         NASA has an on-line course titled “A Pilot’s Guide to Ground Icing.” This course is available at: 

·         Read FAA Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFO), including SAFOs 06002 and 06014 on ground de-icing and polished frost, at: and airline_operators/airline_safety/safo/all_safos 

·         Advisory Circular 91-74A, Pilot Guide: Flight in Icing Conditions is available at and index.cfm/go/document.information/documentID/74471 

·         Read FAA Information for Operators (InFO) 09016 on the effects of frost, snow, ice, or slush on the aircraft control and performance at: and airline_operators/airline_safety/info/all_infos/ 

NOAA Aviation Weather Center

NOAA Aviation Digital Data Service

SkewT Diagrams: New Tools For Vertical Analysis

NASA computer-based training module (CBT): A Pilot’s Guide to In-Flight Icing

SkewT diagram


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