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Weather / Flight Planning  (top)

Weather Start



AOPA Online - Weather
FSS - WxBrief (account required)

National Weather Service La Crosse
Wind Map

Standard Brief
Preflight Weather Planning (FAA Guide)

CSC DUATS on the Web
DTC DUATS on the Web

Misc. Weather Info

Flight Planning (also see AOPA Website)

Briefings (CDT =  -5 from Z, CST =  -6 from Z)

NOTAMS, TFR, SUA type info.

Electronic Pubs:

Sun Rise/Set etc. tables (put in zip code),  More settings page (dot what you want)

Density Altitude etc

Flight Log - AOPA
Flight Log - First Flight
FSS Briefing Sheet for local VFR training missions

FAA Product Search Page

Aviation Books/References/Newsletters  (top)


Online Articles/Training and Newsletters via EMail

Pamphlets - General

Pamphlets - Weather 

FAA --   (top)
Pubs -- also see "Books" above. Airmen Services



Aircraft Services

Bird Strike Database

Online training  (top)
FAA Online Courses
     ("Flight Review Prep Guide")
AOPA ASF Interactive Safety Courses

Past Seminars
Jeppesen Weather

Advanced Pilot Seminars (Green of Peak)
Gene Benson.com Safety Initiative
Pelican's Perch
Full Index
Pelican's Perch
Engine-Related Columns
Weather - AVWXWorkshops.com
Exams 4 Pilots
VOR Training Program - basic
VOR Training Program - advanced
On-demand ASF SafetyCasts
Pilot Workshops
IFR Focus from Pilot Workshops  (change the last number in the URL for more lessons)
In-Flight Emergencies (eng failure) by Pilot 
Pilot Weekly Workshop Newsletter signup
NASA Ice training (java)
FAA paper on aircraft icing (PDF)
Carbon Monoxide Info
How GA Works
Crosswind Landings
AOPA Flight Training Magazine Articles
NASA Aerodynamics
Aviation Safety Videos (ground ops)
Visual Illusions/Scanning for Traffic

Flight Instruction
List of CFIs in SE Minn.
Video about learning to fly - Your First Flight (Sporty's)
AOPA Flight Training

King Schools
Checkout in a Multiengine Airplane
Mnemonic Reminders
National Assn of Flight Instructors NAFI
CFI Lesson Plans from Scott Todd
Flight Training Index
AOPA airport signage flashcards
      option for 6 flashcards per page



Logbooks  (top)

Logbooks and Logging Time (AOPA)
Logbook Endorsements (PDF)
Logging Pilot in Command (PIC) Time
Answers for Pilots: Logging time
Electronic Log Books 


A Simpler Time
Aero Trader Online
Aircraft Shopper Online
Powered tow-bars (Dragger)
Ebay Items matching ( smoh )
Trade-A-Plane Online
RV Builder Forums
Organizations & Associations  (top)


EAA 100.org
Oshkosh 365
EAA Bits and Pieces -- Great Resource!
EAA Experimenter Magazine
EAA Recorded Webinars
EAA Webinar Schedule (Register)

FAA Safety Team (FAAST)
GAMA Home Page
Aircraft Electronics Association
Minnesota DoT
Veterans Airlift Command
Twin Cities RV Builders Group

Misc. Info

Basic Med Information (3rd Class Medical Reform)

Rules of Thumb
ASOS Currency -- behind actual weather
Piper Archer PA28-181 POH

IFR flight tracking
Flight Radar 24 tracking
Live ATC net
FAA Bird Strike Database
Explanation of Supersonic Flight
Old & Unusual Airplane Pictures
Gold mine of airplane videos
AeroFiles Hangar Start Your Engines
Mars Exploration Rover Mission Home
Military Aircraft Information
NTSB Accident Database
Plane Crash Info
AOPA Accident Analysis

Warbird Information Links

Museums  (top)
Great Aviation MuseumsóCentral US

Tour Most Air Museums 

Steven F. Udvar Hazy Center
Pictures from Udvar Hazy Center

Air&Space History of Flight

Gustave Whitehead - designer, builder and pilot of the world's first, successful powered aircraft

U-3 Blackbird plus Initial design Info on  handwritten on legal pad

U-2 POH (Dash-1)


NBAA Contact Congress
NTSB Aviation
ASRS (NASA reporting system)
AF Accident Investigation Board

Fly Ins  (top)  


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