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I'd like to invite you take a look at IFR, the Magazine for the Accomplished Pilot. Whether you fly in the system every day, or only on IPC check rides, you still want to be the best instrument pilot you can be. Try it now.

IFR magazine takes you beyond the classroom into the real world of instrument flight. When you read IFR magazine, you'll see that IFR takes you into a world where the gauges on your panel really fail… where you really can't see outside the windshield… where your bosses say, take off now or else! When you try IFR, you'll come away from every issue wiser and better informed. Just click here to start your subscription to IFR and you'll learn things like: " How to know what a controller is thinking before he thinks it. " How to avoid being tagged as an "amateur" by the controller. 

  • How to fly an approach without the plate. (Not recommended, but it can be done) 
  • How to give good radio communications. It's all about how you say it.
  • How to "mix and match" IFR and VFR to get there faster, save fuel, and feel the power of mastering the system.
  • What to do when you lose radio contact in IMC.
  • And so much more. 

Don't wait! Accept their invitation today. Remember there is NO RISK. They guarantee your satisfaction with IFR, 100%!

P.S. - As an added bonus, please take "The Ultimate Quiz Challenge" as their FREE GIFT to you, when you subscribe!

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